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Resilient Multi-Plant Networks


The REMPLANET Project mission is the development of methods, guidelines and tools for the implementation of the Resilient  Multi-Plant Networks Model in non-hierarchical manufacturing networks, characterised by non-centralised decision making.
A resilient organization effectively aligns its strategy, operations, management systems, governance structure, and decision-support capabilities so that it can uncover and adjust to continually changing risks, endure disruptions to its primary earnings drivers, and create advantages over less adaptive competitors.
The research will consider and balance both operational resilience and strategic resilience in the context of machinery and equipment global manufacturing networks; operational flexibility-agility, and strategic innovation-renewal. REMPLANET model and tools will focus on the integration of the customer driven innovation influence in the products and manufacturing processes design, and the responsiveness to customised market demands of the related non-hierarchical global manufacturing networks processes under a real-time non-centralised decision making context.
Theoretical research and related tools will be contrasted, validated, and enhanced through empirical cases (pilots) from different  machinery and equipment enterprise networks which have multi-site and multi-nation manufacturing plants, as well as customers distributed around the globe.

REMPLANET Presentation

EU funded project

REMPLANET is a Collaborative Project under the NMP-2008-SMALL-2 call, funded by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme - EU FP7 Project 229333


Project Coordinator:    Raul Poler

Project Manager:        Raquel Sanchis

Research Centre on Production Management and Engineering

Polytechnic University of Valencia. Spain.


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