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Aachen Workshop

The second meeting of the REMPLANET project was held in Aachen (Germany) the 22nd and 23th of September 2009.

During these days the leaders of the different work packages explained and described the work already done in each one of them. Moreover, all the participants also discussed and agreed about the work to be done in the following months in order to achieve the goals and fulfil the original project schedule.

At the same time, two special meetings were organized, one for industrial partners and other for research and technological development partners, for increasing the knowledge among the members through member presentations. Finally the Aachen Workshop finished with the Executive Board meeting, where subjects such as the definition of the activities for the proper execution of the project, the establishment of mechanisms to monitor the effective and efficient implementation of the project, and the determination of the goals and objectives of the project for the next period, were treated.

The EB members approved that the following REMPLANET Workshop will be held in IKERLAN located in Mondragón (Spain) the 19th and 20th of January 2010. In such workshop, the REMPLANET members will visit the facilities of BIMATEC-SORALUCE.

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