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Exploitation Strategy Seminar

The Exploitation Strategy Seminar (ESS) held in Bologna the 21st September, 2010 was conducted by Prof. Vincenzo Nicolò with the collaboration/support of SUPSI partner.

The ESS animator described the methodology to use, and leaded the REMPLANET partners during the whole process. This process included discussing about the expected results of the project, identifying and characterizing them. Moreover, the partners presented their respective visions about the expected results, considering: their level of innovation and the expected benefits. Later, partners discussed about intellectual property rights and explotaition issues, taking into account the background and foreground generated by each partner to each result. Then, the animator proposed the generarion of a Risk Assessment and Action Plan, identifying key risks, possible solutions and actions to be implemented to reduce the risk. Finally, the seminar concluded with the generation of a Plan for Using and Disseminating Foreground.

In the ESS different visions arised and a process of discussions and agreement took place to establish a common reference. After the discussion, a first approach of expected results was obtained (see Table 1). All partners agreed that an important point to guarantee the success of the results is that they should provide stand alone usability and usefulness.

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