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REMPLANET Dissemination Activities

Many dissemination activities have been done in the context of the REMPLANET, among them they should be highlighted those performed in MCPC and IWEI.

The MCPC (Mass Customization & Personalization Conference) is a biennial conference originally devoted to Mass Customization & Personalization. In recent years the content has broadened including also open innovation, user co-creation and other strategies of customer-driven value creation. In the MCPC 2009 ( held in Helsinki at the beginning of October (4th – 7th), REMPLANET members have presented different results.

In regard to presentations, Raul Poler (CIGIP), REMPLANET project coordinator, did a general presentation of REMPLANET: REMPLANET: Resilient Multi-Plant Networks. Whereas, Ditmar Ihlenburg  (Festo) and Eduardo Saiz (Ikerlan) focused in specific subjects presenting “Managing  customerinteraction  ininnovation processes with value creation networks” and “Integration of a new product catalogue process generation and resilient supply network configurations for several customised demand scenarios” respectively. Moreover, Eduardo Saiz also presented the paper “Customised Order Fulfillment in a Machine Tool Supply Network”.

In the IWEI 2009 conference, the 2nd IFIP WG5.8 Workshop on Enterprise Interoperability held in Valencia, the 13th and 14th of October, Ruben de Juan presented the paper “SOP4EBPM Generating Executable Business Services from Business Models” a position paper about the IT platform that will be developed in the REMPLANET project for supporting the decentralized decision making process.

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