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REMPLANET Exploitation Strategy Seminar (ESS)

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Last week the REMPLANET Consortium met in Bologna to hold the Exploitation Strategy Seminar (ESS).

The Exploitation Strategy Seminar (ESS) has been offered by the European Commission in order to assist the REMPLANET project in optimising the exploitation of their results. Currently this service is offered under contract with the EC by a consortium of experts, led by Cimatec Srl of Italy. The facilitator of the ESS was Prof. Vincenzo Nicolò whose role was to lead the discussions of the REMPLANET team using a procedure developed especially for collaborative research projects, based on extensive prior experience.




The methodology used to perform the ESS was firstly, a study of the project in order to identify potential obstacles to the exploitation of the project's results. These include internal obstacles, such as possible conflicts of interest between project partners (e.g. ownership/publication of results and other issues of intellectual property rights), as well as external obstacles, such as legislative or normative influences, market evolution, development of other technologies to solve the same problem or address the same market, lack of training, lack of acceptance by society, etc. Secondly, during the ESS the participants in the REMPLANET project were aware of the risks identified and initiated a discussion aiming at developing an exploitation strategy which takes these factors into account. This seminar was an interactive working seminar where the project partners identified each and everyone's role and potential for benefiting from the project.


 M16 WS REMPLANET Consortium


The seminar has been an excellent opportunity to discuss the exploitable results of the REMPLANET Project and prepare an "Action Plan" with agreed actions to be taken to enhance exploitation and reduce the risks to the exploitation of the REMPLANET Project results.


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