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File D1.1: Technical description and operating (business) model of an open innovation platform for process innovation
File D1.2: Empirical study (survey) of incentives and objectives of potential participants of the open innovation platform
File D1.3: Technical description and operating (business) model of a user innovation platform (toolkit for user co-design)
File D1.4: Checklist and implementation guideline to build a platform for open process innovation
File D2.1: PF-P&O-SN alignment model for mass customization scenarios
File D2.1: Annex II. Empirical Research. Guidelines for Qualitative Surveys
File D2.2: PF-P&O-SN decoupling points toolbox and guidelines
File D2.2: Annex I. Quantitative Survey Documents
File D2.3: Operational Resilient Supply Network model and toolbox
File D3.1: Network mapping and auditing
File D3.2: Conceptual framework
File D3.3: Operational and strategic relationship model
File D3.4: Best-practice repository
File D4.1: Supply networks simulation DSS tools state of the art map
File D5.1: Analysis of standards for Enterprise Collaboration
File D5.2: Formal specification for BPMN-based Business Processes modelling
File D5.3: Specifications for the SOP4EBPM platform
File D5.4: Open Source BPMS
File D7.1: REMPLANET Dissemination Strategy
File D7.2: REMPLANET Dissemination Plan
Month M12
File D7.3: REMPLANET Dissemination Results
Month M12
File D7.4: Project Website and Portal
Month M03
File D7.4: Project Website and Portal
Month M12
File D7.5: Dissemination materials (brochures, banners, posters and booth)
Month M12
File D7.6: REMPLANET eNewsletter_M06
File D7.6: REMPLANET eNewsletter_M09
File D7.6: REMPLANET eNewsletter_M12
File D7.6: REMPLANET eNewsletter_M15
File D7.6: REMPLANET eNewsletter_M18
File D8.1: Exploitation Guidelines
File D8.2: Exploitation Metrics
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