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Aerogistics Ltd.

Aerogistics King & Fowler description

Aerogistics – Supply Chain Integrator

Aerogistics Ltd (AKF, is an aerospace supply chain integrator that has developed a highly competent cluster of UK and Polish machining companies to provide a one stop shop sourcing solution for aerospace make-to-print work packages.

Aerogistics logo

Aerogistics have established engineering, purchasing, logistics, supplier development and quality teams at each King & Fowler hub to provide a localised, low cost management team. King & Fowler operate hub-to-hub milkround logistics that transport components for treatments as well as finished Aerogistics components and kits. The localised project management team and aggregated logistics minimise total cost of acquisition and remove common risks of low cost sourcing, such as expensive logistics and governance, engineering interpretation, product quality, delivery visibility and two-way communication.

What does the Aerogistics have to offer companies?

The localised Aerogistics team identify, audit, develop and approve indigenous suppliers to meet sourcing requirements. Aerogistics source the raw material from OEM approved suppliers, manufacture of components through its approved supply chain, treat the parts at the NADCAP approved King & Fowler hub, provide inventory management / assembly / kitting services and deliver the parts direct to the end customer. This is a unique ‘one-stop-shop’ for the Aerospace industry.

Aerogistics REMPLANET Contribution

The Aerogistics model by definition is one that tailors solutions to differing customer requirements whether it is a single operation or a complete ‘bundled’ supply chain solution. The ability to deploy mass customisation will be pivotal in realising the keenly sought aggressive growth of the organisation. As a collaborator, Aerogistics will be able to provide a practical platform for deployment of best practice on both a local and global scale within the challenging Aerospace sector.

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