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BIMATEC-SORALUCE Frästechnologie description

BIMATEC-SORALUCE Machine Tool Manufacturer

SORALUCE ( is a co-operative founded in 1962 as a manufacturer of Machine Tools. Since 1985 the company becomes part of the DANOBAT Group and a reorientation of the company’s activity to milling machines takes place in 1988.

With a total turnover of 232 M€ and staff of 1.330, the DANOBAT GROUP encompasses different machine tool manufacturing technologies: Milling & Boring, Grinding, Turning, Sawing & Drilling, Composite Parts Manufacturing Automation and Punching. This wide range of products is marketed under two world renowned brands: SORALUCE for milling and boring machines and DANOBAT for the rest. DANOBAT Group has several assembly plants located in Spain, Germany, UK and Romania and has its own sales and after sales services network.

From 1992, DANOBAT Group forms part of the newly constituted Mondragón Corporation in their machine tools division. This big corporation has 256 companies and institutions, of which about half are co-operatives. With a total turnover of 15.584 M€ and staff of 92.773, holds the seventh position in the companies raking in Spain.

Currently, SORALUCE is a machine tool company specialized in development and manufacturing milling and boring machines with a workforce of 270 people. At the end of 2008, the company has obtained a turnover of 118 M€ (90% export). SORALUCE is a co-operative and as such, bases its principles and operation on the MONDRAGON model, characterised by the fact that it is the members who are the owners of the co-operative and the basic principle of “one person, one vote”. This model tends to place more value on workers themselves as the principal asset and source of competitive advantage of modern companies. The business management is developed around four basic principles: Excellence in Management, Market Strategy, Product Development and Alliances. The R&D strategy is designed around a technological plan made in collaboration with IKERLAN and IDEKO R&D Centers. The sales organization comprises 38 countries and main targeted geographical markets are located in West and East Europe, including Russia and Turkey and in emerging markets like China or India.


SORALUCE is based in Germany through BIMATEC-SORALUCE. Born in 1991 and located in Limburg, it is made up of more than 50 specialists who provide sales, key solutions and service to the German and Central / Eastern Europe markets. BIMATEC-SORALUCE has developed themselves into specialists for complete turnkey solutions in the differing industrial market sectors. Knowledge and experience gained via the permanent cooperation with the suppliers such as SIEMENS, HEIDENHAIN and INA during the development of the projects ensures an immediate and consequent implementation of innovations. In the 1.500 m² Technology Centre the newest and most modern innovations in machining technology are tested. BIMATEC-SORALUCE also has its own Service and Training centre. In the technical departments, such as project management, service hotline, milling head workshop, spare parts service and the training centre, customers are given the optimum support from the beginning on.

BIMATEC-SORALUCE Products and Services

SORALUCE and BIMATEC provides to the market a wide range of milling and boring machines designed to meet the needs of clients from diverse sectors such as General Machining and Subcontractors, Capital Goods, Railways, Power Generation, Aerospace, Construction Machinery or Automotive Industry. All the machines are equipped with a wide range of heads (automatic, orthogonal, horizontal, etc) distinguished by their precision, reliability and flexibility, allowing milling, boring, drilling, reaming and taping operations. Additionally, the company offers to their clients a wide range of services, among which we might stand out:

  • Customer requirement’s diagnosis: Technical, production process and economical analysis.
  • Installation at customer’s facilities: Machine set-up and commissioning, acceptance trials, training and assistance during production.
  • Turnkey projects: Customized machining solutions, machining process study, tooling, fixturing, CNC programming / special software, project management and acceptance trials machining customer’s parts.
  • After-Sales: Technical assistance, teleservice, hotline, preventive maintenance, milling head availability and spare parts management.


In regard to the REMPLANET project, BIMATEC–SORALUCE will be a pilot that comprises three main stages:

  • Firstly, it will work the way of incorporating customers, suppliers, subcontractors of BIMATEC-SORALUCE and GROUP DANOBAT network in the product ‐ process co‐design of machine modules under the open innovation paradigm.
  • Secondly, a rethinking of the product ‐ process structure will be accomplished incorporating the concept of modularity that bears in mind aspects of productive efficiency (suppliers' network, operations location, assembly process etc.) and machine adaptability to the customer requirements.
  • Thirdly, there will be approached the Resilient Supply Network Strategic Design of BIMATEC-SORALUCE by means of the simulation of different order backlogs composition (orders quantity, due dates, customer locations and requirements, etc.). Orders will be assigned to launched machines, in front of different network scenarios that include constraints (capacity, inventor levels, suppliers and processes lead times, transport, locations, etc.) and events (breakdowns, prices variation, etc.). As a result of, it will be identified optimal and robust service strategies, before different offer ‐ demand scenarios. Optimal service strategies will be measured using a set of KPIs: Product reconfiguration index; Production lead‐time; Delivery time; Delivery reliability; Customer service level; Stocks level; Logistics costs; Total supply network cost.
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