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CRIT Research Center - Centro di Ricerca e Innovazione Tecnologica description


CRIT Research™  - Centro di Ricerca e Innovazione Tecnologica

CRIT Research™ ( is a technology broker specialised in strategic management of innovation processes. The organisation is a totally private company, whose shareholders are first-class manufacturing companies from the Emilia Romagna Region, Italy. The aim of CRIT Research™ is to support enterprises in innovation and technology transfer by acting as a common ground for collaborative industrial research. In addition, CRIT acts as collective technological interface among industrial actors and Research Centres throughout the world.

CRIT Research™ applies techniques and methodologies of Open Innovation to enable a collaborative environment (Collaborative Innovation) allowing its members to share experiences, to exchange technologies and to develop joint innovation projects. Collaborative innovation is the think tank in which members of CRIT Research™ can imagine future applications and validate their feasibility. Collaborative innovation implements the Coopetition model, in which pre-competitive behaviours are enabled. For this reason, the access of new members is allowed according to previous approval of shareholders of CRIT Research™.

What does CRIT have to offer companies?

Expertise of CRIT Research™ is structured in services lines (Technology Brokerage, Collaborative innovation and Innovation management) and products (Mission Critical Information Analysis, technology transfer, Laboratories, Collaborative innovation and European Business development).

Technology brokerage. CRIT Research™ acts as broker between the requirements of companies and the information provided by technological and scientific sources, analysing and processing mission critical information on specific technology fields or key-players. Products in this area are: Technology Assessment; Technology scouting; Technology monitoring; R&D Project management; Intellectual property exploitation; Laboratory: LAPCOS (modelling and simulation); Laboratory: PatMOLE™ (text  mining on patents portfolio)

Collaborative innovation. CRIT Research™ acts as knowledge facilitator, easing knowledge transfer between its industrial members, supporting technology transfer from research bodies to industrial actors and stimulating, integrating and coordinating joint activities to pursue common goals. Products are: Working tables; Seminars and conferences; Training; International brokerage; Endorsed suppliers network; Tecno-Tour.

Innovation Management. CRIT Research™ designs and implements advanced services for innovation and technology transfer in organisations (public and private). Products are: Local technology fostering, Technology transfer; Research sites planning and tutoring


CRIT Research™ will bring in REMPLANET project its expertise in technology transfer projects. Methodologies to evaluate strategic planning in innovation process will ensure the consortium the proper implementation path of REMPLANET solutions in pilots addressed. In addition, specific expertise in Open Innovation (even though at inter-enterprise level) will support R&D teams of REMPLANET in better addressing specific needs of users and companies involved in the project.

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