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The University of Liverpool – e-Business and Supply Chain Manament (eBSCM) description

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The University of Liverpool – eBSCM

The University of Liverpool in the UK  is a member of the Russell Group of universities, the UK’s top 20 research-led universities. It is the original ‘red brick University’ with the term being inspired by the distinctiveVictoria building. The University has around 21000 students and 4900 members of staff.The University of Liverpool is one of the UK's leading research institutions, with a world class research portfolio, and an annual turnover of  £340 million, including £123 million for research.

The eBSCM group (e-Business and Supply Chain Management) is based in the University’s Management School.  It is one of the UK's premier e-Business research groups working on supply chain management and novel applications of e-Business and internet technologies to improve business competitiveness. The group embodies the University’s vision and the School’s strategy of utilising established and outstanding research strengths in manufacturing engineering and information systems to inform and develop the research portfolio of the School.

eBRSCM’s Main Interests

The research expertise of eBSCM is broad and extends to the qualitative, quantitative and technological aspects of operations and supply chain management. Specific competencies include organisational agility and responsiveness strategies, build-to-order supply chain design, network modelling and mapping, mass customisation and personalisation, supply chain network design, operations strategy, holistic supply chain performance measurement and lean thinking. eBSCM has worked with over 120 industrial collaborators over the past five years principally in the automotive, aerospace and food sectors. Key research sponsors include Jaguar, Ford, Westland Helicopters, Novartis and Princes Foods. Agility in SMEs is a particular competency of eBSCM. eBSCM is a UK centre of excellence for the use of integrating technology with supply chain practices and has SAP demonstrator accreditation. New research projects include supply chain initiatives to support traceability in the food sector.

Main Competencies Related to the REMPLANET Project

Specific competencies relevant to the REMPLANET project concern organisational agility and responsiveness strategies in SMEs, supply chain network design and information transparency-enhancing initiatives.

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