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GHEPI S.r.l.

GHEPI S.r.l. description

GHEPI Profile

Ghepi ( was established in 1972 by Gherpelli Family. It is based on a long term experience in dies construction and thermoplastic materials printing area. During years, structure has been enriched by other activities and services, giving customers a global collaboration. A progressive growth has permitted Ghepi to obtain the Company Quality System Certification in 1996, in accordance with the law UNI EN ISO 9002 concerning injection printing of thermoplastic materials, a result they believe in, because they believe in improving and customer service. This growth has continued with a computerization of design, management and production activities, with the insertion of a process data collection software and production planning, arriving to the warming of new headquarters during 2000. Beside CAD 2D and 3D design, with Pro Engineer and CADkey software, and beside dies construction for thermoplastic products, company activities include technopolimers injection printing, polymers at high performances and engineering compound, for articles from 0,5 g to 2 Kg. Furthermore, Ghepi has ultra-audible vibrations union system, post- printing works and assembling.

The number of employers is around sixty people and during 2008 the turnover was about € 8 mln.



The mould are designed and realized with cutting-edge technologies after having carefully examined the features of the item to produce, by means of the co-operation with a qualified network of external partners selected on the basis of their specializations. The internal workshop carries out the assistance activity for the injection moulding departments and the maintenance of moulds.


The production plant is composed by almost thirty advanced and cutting-edge injection machines with a capacity ranging from 25 to 650 ton among those four process are destined to gas injection moulding with capacity ranging from 75 to 650 ton. Moreover Ghepi carries out many other additional activities such as: ultrasonic and vibration welding, assembly operation, mechanical working processes, transfer-printing, screen-printing, chromium-plating and other.



In this department dedicated to the production of items destined to food and/or beverage packages, disinfestations system have been activated as well as moisture level temperature control system and strict hygiene and safety procedures. This department is equipped with highly automated work stations supplied with injection machines for fast-cycle applications, assembly lines and robotized system featuring ultrasonic welding and vision control (GHEPI complies with the FDA/IMS Standards for food packaging).


Ghepi manufactures technical items that must meet high standards such as precision and dimension stability, mechanical resistance, thermal and chemical impact, flame retardant properties as well as aesthetic products featuring design, color requirements and soft touch. In order to carry out these specific applications, the most suitable material is selected among a broad range going from basic polymers, technopolymers up to high performance polymers (Peek, Lcp, Pei, Para, Pvdf, Ptfe, Pps, ppo, Pa 6-66, 11,12, 46) with any additional fibres, charges and functional additives.

GHEPI – Remplanet

Ghepi, as main supplier for worldwide costumer as Tetrapak and Datalogic, has to manage the whole supply chain and often experiments difficulties coming from power relations, hierarchy and lower technology among different-sized companies sited in the far east. 

Remplanet is particularly appealing to Ghepi for its aim to make productive chain relations more flexible and performing. Ghepi’s main goals are:

WP2: it should support the company in the development and managing of the new supply chain system, providing it with tools for:

  • Alignment of supply network, internal process and company skills

WP4: it should support the company in the critical decision processes.

  • WP4 should provide it with a software that is able to process suppliers’ information and production requirements in order to supper Ghepi’s management during the decision processes

WP5: it should support Ghepi in the supply chain management providing it with software for managing external supply network in terms of:

  • Document sharing
  • Order in process
  • Orders forward


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