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Institute CIM for Sustainable Innovation (ICIMSI) description


ICIMSI – Institute CIM for Sustainable Innovation

Founded in 1992, ICIMSI ( is part of the Innovative Technologies Department of the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (DTI-SUPSI). Since 1998 ICIMSI has functioned as a venue for applied scientific computer applications and industrial technology to increase the innovation capabilities of local SMEs. The Institute collaborates with different networks of national and international centres of expertise committed to provide technological and sustainable solutions to SMEs. The ICIMSI is articulated in various research groups (mechanics and material technologies; software technology for automation; customisation and sustainability; production and logistics), which regroup the competences required to rapidly develop new products, improve assembly and manufacturing process, propose enhanced production management approaches, supporting the management of the entire product life cycle according to the three sustainability axes (economic, social, environmental).

What does the ICIMSI have to offer companies?

ICIMSI contributes to increasing the innovation capability of local companies providing a coherent an integrated blend of education, applied research and innovation transfer activities. These education and research activities are focused on the development of new products, employing virtual prototyping techniques in parallel with the study of advanced materials, as well as on the design of new manufacturing systems and processes.

The great majority of research activities are undertaken in strong collaboration with local companies. This implies, from the beginning of the research project carry on, the application of a methodology aimed at transforming research results into market oriented commercial products. Furthermore, in order to avoid the classical up and down of short term innovation, ICIMSI promotes the use of a Sustainable Innovation approach, which covers the activities required for the development of new technological products and processes as well as the analysis of the impact of these innovations in terms of Sustainable Development along their whole life cycle. Finally, the knowledge acquired in research and innovation transfer activities are integrated into the various education programs, where, thanks to the emphasis on practical application and hands-on experience, students are prepared for the professional practice and are exposed to a full range of engineering functions.


ICIMSI thanks to its experience in knowledge transfer and valorisation activities will manage the exploitation of the REMPLANET results. The ICIMSI competences in Mass Customisation will be applied for the development of the Strategic Innovation model. ICIMSI will also provide expertise during the development and the use of the Decision Support System (DSS) for the analysis of the impact of various operational resilience and strategic resilience scenarios. ICIMSI competences concerning discrete event simulation modelling and about collaborative management practices in non-hierarchical manufacturing networks are particularly suitable for this task.

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