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IKERLAN Technological Research Center description


IKERLAN – Technological Research Centre

IKERLAN is a private non-profit Technological Research Centre in the north of Spain, with a vocation for public service. IKERLAN is a point of reference for innovation and comprehensive product development (mechatronic systems). IKERLAN works closely with companies to improve their competitiveness, through the application of technological knowledge to develop innovative products and new tools and methodologies for implementation in design and production processes. It has a staff of more than 200 qualified researchers and engineers, with experience in interdisciplinary work and capable of tackling complex problems.

From its creation 1974, IKERLAN has maintained close relations with companies from the machinery and capital goods, domestic appliance, electronics and computing, automotive and energy sectors; where IKERLAN’s developments go until the materialisation of final products. As a centre of excellence in the transfer of technology, more than 800 R&D projects were completed so far in cooperation with companies developing new products and implementing customised systems in design and manufacturing  processes.

What does the IKERLAN have to offer companies?

IKERLAN collaborates with companies in the radical renewal of their business processes, in particular, those relating to design and production, by steering them in accordance with the mass customization paradigm. It collaborates with companies in the definition of how an innovative product should be developed, how a competitive business area should be organized and how business processes (processes that play a part in product life cycles: design (process management and use of technical data), order cycle production management models and processes under the extended enterprise concept via the Internet) can be improved. IKERLAN focuses on the development of innovative concepts that help to create and boost the ability to redesign their business model,  especially small- and medium-sized industrial enterprises as regards the efficient management of the processes upon which product life cycles are based.

Working with IKERLAN provides great flexibility and the possibility to organize and systematize company innovation; to develop modular, sustainable platforms for extended products; to ensure the response of the supply chain and the production flow; to streamline and start the business processes of the sustainable company and the automation of business processes by means of customized software applications.


In regard to the REMPLANET project, IKERLAN provides its expertise in three different knowledge areas: Design and Production Technologies [process re-engineering (design, technical offer, production, the supply chain and after sales service) and development of innovative methodologies for the development and/or structuring of products/processes], Strategic Innovation [customization of the whole innovation management process: strategy, products, processes, organisational model] and Information Technologies [design, development and integration of computer applications and innovative tools covering all phases of the integrated product development process: innovation, supply, design, production, service, business, control and decision making]. The specific main competences related to REMPLANET project are: Product-Process-Supply Network Structure Design and  Alignment, Mass Customization Business Strategy and Simulation & Optimization Decision Support Systems.

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