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Instituto Tecnológico de Informática description

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ITI – Research and Developement Institute

The ITI -Instituto Tecnológico de Informática- is a Technology Centre specialising in software technology Research, Development and Innovation. Created in 1994 as an initiative of the Institute for Small and Medium Sized Companies of the Valencia Region (IMPIVA), the Technical University of Valencia (UPV) and a group of companies from the IT sector, the ITI was set up as a non-profit organisation. Its mission is to improve and maintain the competitive positioning of companies in the IT sector by means of R&D and the provision of advanced services.

ITI is located within the Polytechnic University of Valencia Campus, where it has all its facilities, with an approximated surface of 1656 m2. These facilities provide space for the research teams, as well as a technical education classroom, a seminar room library and laboratory with specific equipment for every group. Moreover, the Institute has hardware and software testing laboratories, prototype laboratories, training rooms, meeting rooms, etc. It has a team of 120 employees, with extensive experience in developing national and international research projects, in collaboration with companies and institutions.

What does the ITI have to offer companies?

The ITI offers companies the possibility of adding the technologies and capabilities developed in R&D projects to its products, processes or business. The technologies and services on offer are the result of a combination of advanced scientific knowledge and experience in collaboration with companies, generating and transferring the knowledge needed to industry and society evolution.

To carry out its mission, the ITI leads and takes part in: a) cooperative projects with companies in the sector developing basic and applied research projects, b) individual projects following ITI’s research lines, c) technology spreading actions attending conferences and other forums of scientific and industrial knowledge, d) innovation management actions in companies, e) promoting ITI’s partner products and f) supporting technological spin-offs. In order to fulfil its aims, it has a technological observatory and participates in technological platforms.

Working with the ITI provides great flexibility and the possibility of adapting its technologies and capabilities to the specific needs of each project, since all the technologies emerge from its own R&D.

ITI REMPLANET Contribution

In regard to the REMPLANET project, ITI provides its expertise in different IT areas as distributed systems and applications, interoperability, software oriented architectures and open source software. All this knowledge is oriented in the context of the project to the development of the Software Oriented Architecture for Extended Business Processes (SOA4EBPM) platform for supporting collaborative decision processes. Moreover, ITI also contributes to the project through its expertise in dissemination activities.

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