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Newton Group

Newton Industrial Group Ltd. description

Company Profile

Newton ( was setup in 1969 as The Newton Instrument Company.  It was setup to develop and manufacture instruments, especially for companies such as Unilever.  Newton is still manufacturing one of the instruments that was developed in 1969, the Newton Galley Sampler.  This is the standard instrument used to detect enzymes in a factory environment which is a mandatory requirement in the detergent industry.  Another instrument that was developed almost 20 years ago is the Newton Carton Tester.  This is used to test the strength of creases and card friction in cardboard as it is sent to packaging companies.  Consistent crease strength is critical to ensuring cartons pass through an automatic filling like without problems.

In the late 1990’s, Newton was approached to help develop a patented solar water heating system.  This was successful and now accounts for around 50% of output and we supply around 10% of the UK market.  Newton has thus moved into the environmental market and aims to expand the number of products that it supplies to this expanding market.

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As a consequence, Newton has been involved in the research and development of aerators for the treatment of wastewaters and polluted waters.  Currently aeration accounts for around 0.5% of electricity consumption in the UK.  The Newton aerator aims to reduce the energy consumption of aeration by around 50% which will lead to a dramatic reduction in the carbon footprint of the UK and it has a similar potential in other developed economies.  It will also become a low cost method for countries to help clean up polluted waters – a critical need of developing countries.

Newton Remplanet Contribution

Newton looks to utilise Remplanet to explore the latest developments in Open Innovation and Product Configuration to develop innovative products customised to the needs of its customers.  As a small development and manufacturing company, it sees these methodologies as key to its drive to evolve and become a growing company in the expanding environmental market.


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