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RWTH Technology & Innovation Management Group description

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RWTH Aachen – Technology and Innovation Management Group (TIM)

RWTH Aachen, Germany, is the largest university of technology in Germany and one of the most renowned technical universities in Europe, with around 28000 students, more than the half of which in engineering. Teaching and research are characterized by an international, innovative, and interdisciplinary approach and a close cooperation with industry. The RWTH Technology & Innovation Management Group is part of RWTH’s School of Business & Economics. The school has a focus on process innovation, value chain design and the development of global supply chain management systems. The Technology & Innovation Management Group at RWTH Aachen University is a European institution to study the economics and management of innovation and change. The group has a huge expertise in researching mass customization strategies and open innovation methods to integrate knowledge from users and solution providers into the development of customer - centric product and service designs.

TIM’s main interests

The Technology and Innovation Management Group focuses on:

  1. The acquisition and integration of knowledge on needs (users' preferences) and solutions (technical information) to reduce uncertainty in innovation. In this process, the integration of users and customers into the innovation process plays a central role:  Open innovation.
  2. The situational modelling and designing of innovation processes. At this, modelling and measuring the degree of innovativeness plays a central role of our research. Especially, we are interested in the management of extreme cases of discontinuous innovation:  continuous/incremental vs. discontinuous/radical innovation.
  3. The formation of organizational frameworks and cultural contingencies which influence the result of the innovation process. At this, the creation and the effects of an particular innovation culture plays a central role:  culturing innovation.
  4. The macro-economic effects of knowledge production which lead to a new form of regional division of work in the generation of innovation. At this, "spill-over" and clustering effects play a central role:  innovation cluster management.

Main competences related to the REMPLANET project

The TIM group will be able to deliver valuable input to the REMPLANET project in the fields of Mass Customization and Open Innovation/ User Innovation. The Technology & Innovation Management Group at RWTH Aachen University is one of the few research institutions with a dedicated research focus on mass customization. Focuses of the research are the strategic alignment of mass customization with cooperate strategy, the design of mass – customization – based business models, issues of customer behaviour, and the design of configuration toolkits. In the area of Open Innovation / User Innovation the TIM group conducts research on the role of external knowledge for the innovation process and the development of methods and tools to benefit from the creativity in the periphery of the firm.

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