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VL Idrodinamica S.r.l.

VL Idrodinamica S.r.l. description

VL Idrodinamica Profile

VL idrodinamica S.r.l. was established in 1983 when its main business was mechanical carpentry. After a long experience in this field, in motorcycling assembly (Honda Italia) and in construction equipment (Benfra), its production is now highly specialized in assembly of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical products, such as gear reducers, speed reducers, motor pumps and electrical engines.

VL works as sub-contractor for Rossi Motoriduttori. The main product it bases the business on is the worm gearmotor.

VL idrodinamica has a 2000 sm factory plant and 500 sm offices located in San Cesario, Modena. Its workforce counts nowadays 3 shareholders, 30 skilled workers and 2 office-workers.

VL Idrodinamica logo

VL Idrodinamica – Products and competitive environment

VL’s production is focused on one product family, the worm helical gear motors. They are used in different fields such as:

  • Mechanical Handling
  • Food and Beverage
  • Wind Energy
  • Chemical, oil and gas
  • Wood & Paper
  • Metal Industries
  • Construction
  • Waste treatment
  • Mining
  • Ski lifts and cable plants

The product’s family assembled by VL for Rossi Motoriduttori is AS07: it supports power from 0,09 to 5,5 kW, nominal torque MN 2 ≤ 670 N m, and transmission ratio N from 6 to 75.

VL Idrodinamica – Pilot

VL would start to handle a business relationship with Rossi Motoriduttori’s supplier branch sited in India; in order to accomplish this objective, VL has to change its organization from a sub-contractor structure, to a main supplier one.

This configuration will burden VL with the following new tasks and procedural flows:

  • VL, which is integrated with Rossi Motoriduttori through the same computer system, gets an alert signal from the system when the inventory availability goes down the safety stock inventory level (set by Rossi HQ). Consequently VL can directly request a specific final product supply as soon as the computer system shows the alert.
  • VL sends an assembly order to the Indian branch of Rossi Motoriduttori together with a purchasing order of the specific required material.
  • VL becomes responsible for the order handling, meant as both new order purchasing and extant orders monitoring. VL interacts with the Indian branch highlighting and dunning late orders. In case of critical situations that can invalidate the service level for the final customer (such as final product stock shortage), VL intervenes over actions previously arranged with Rossi Motoriduttori logistics department: those provisions are set in order to solve problems like assembling final products from components inside VL.


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